Philosophy Master’s degree

Master's degree in Philosophy

  • Degree: Graduate (M.A.)

  • Duration: 2 yrs (4 semesters)

  • Form: Full-time

  • Language: English

  • Intake: September/February

  • Tuition Fee: €1500/semester

  • Scholarship: available

  • Application Deadline: April 30/October 31

  • Location: Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, EU


This programme aims to prepare qualified specialists in the field of contemporary philosophy with a focus on philosophy in the social sciences.

Philosophy is not conceived as an isolated discipline but as a discipline in dialogue with the findings of the social sciences (and some natural sciences), especially sociology, cultural and social anthropology, political science, cognitive science etc.

Students are well oriented in international philosophical discussions and will understand international developments of philosophical issues. The Philosophical Faculty’s strength lies in core areas of analytic philosophy, especially the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of language.

What you can study

  • Philosophy of Language

  • Philosophy of Mind

  • Political Philosophy

  • Philosophical Anthropology

  • Philosophy of the Natural Sciences

  • Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Career prospects

Philosophy leaves students with abilities applicable to a remarkably broad range of career endeavors.

Transferable skills include rigorous critical thinking; the ability to understand, interpret and analyze texts; and reasoning and argumentation in both written and verbal forms.

Graduates are professionally and linguistically fully prepared to work in public institutions, business management, non-governmental organizations, and the media.

Entry requirements

  • an application form here

  • a verified copy of the bachelor degree diploma in English (in Philosophy or related disciplines) *

  • a transcript/supplement proving the content and the scope of the previous bachelor studies *

  • a structured CV

  • a copy of passport
  • a letter of motivation – explaining why the applicant wishes to study the study programme Philosophy, which philosophical topics he/she has been studying, the thematic areas he/she is interested in.
The admission procedure also includes an obligatory oral interview, which will test the linguistic as well as the specialized prerequisites for study, and also the applicant´s motivation and interest in the selected study. The interview will be conducted in a distance form via a video call over Skype (or another similar application) in the presence of at least two members of the admission committee.

*the authenticity of these documents has to be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the foreign country and by the Czech embassy (or obtained with apostille). The documents are objected to comparison to the Czech education system.

Deadline for application: April 30, 2019 start in winter semester (starts September 2019) 

The application with the required attachments must be sent electronically to the e-mail address


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