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About study programme
The Philosophical Faculty of the University of Hradec Králové offers B. A. degree which may be pursued in full-time study. The B.A. programme is meant for students who have finished their high school education. The study is designed as an overview of political systems, political thinking, international relations and European integration including modern history.

Basic information about the field of study 
Bachelor Degree
Study programme: Political science
Study duration: 3 years
Tuition Language: English
Daily/full-time study.
Tuition start: every September
Tuition fees:  € 1 500,- per semester, i.e. €  3 000,- per academic year.
In case of good study results a scholarship of € 500,- per semester available.
Study contents
· Political systems (which include the issue of elections and electoral systems, political parties or analysis of the functioning of political systems in the countries of Western, Central and Eastern Europe),
· Political thinking,
· International relations, or
· Problems of European integration.
· Courses in modern Czech (resp. Czechoslovak) and European history or courses focusing on contemporary world affairs for better understanding  these political science disciplines in the context and their connection with practice
A strong emphasis is put on developing analytical and argumentative skills, especially through interactive seminars that complement the lectures.
The graduates of the BA study programme of Political Science at FF UHK have theoretical and factual knowledge of political science and modern history, which they are able to apply in practice and thanks to them they can profit from understanding not only the context of Czech, but also of European and world politics. An integral part of our graduates’ “equipment” is also the ability to work well with texts (both actively and passively) and the competence of public presentation, which the students acquire mainly through seminar activities or supported internships, and practices gained at potential employers.
How to apply? 
by filling in the application form with attachments. Obligatory attachments include:
· The certificate of achieving secondary education. As part of the admission procedure, the applicant will be asked to provide certified copies of the high school diploma nostrification. More information about this process here.
· An essay on why the applicant wishes to study political science (about 800 words).
·  A confirmation of language skills to the study in the English language (e.g. an internationally valid certificate). If the applicant completed secondary education in the English language, no confirmation is required.
Deadline for application: April 30, 2019 for winter term (starts in September 2019)
The application with the required attachments must be sent electronically to the e-mail address marketa.machacova@uhk.cz.


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