International Credit Mobility

Erasmus +: International Credit Mobility

Application for winter term 2019/2020 - ERASMUS INTERNATIONAL CREDIT MOBILITY (non-european countries)
  • Official nomination of home university 
  • Exchange student application form - please send in xls format
  • Learning Agreement (Plan of study) - please choose at least five courses from the offer of courses (please choose from offer for 2019/20)
  • Application for Student card
  • Scan of your passport
  • Scan of color photo (passport size photo)
  • Scan of transcript of records
Please send the documents to till 28th February 2019.
Please read all attachments on this webpage. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

The selection criteria for students:

• English knowledge
• Academic results
• Motivation for studies in the Czech Republic and at University of Hradec Králové
• Link between studies at partner university and studies at University of Hradec Králové

The selection process is open for all students from partner universities (including students with disabilities and students with disadvantaged background), academic background of the students: Social Sciences or Humanities. The process is transparent. Partner University selects the candidate and sends the complete application till 28th February 2019 to All applications must be sent on time and no late applications will be accepted.

Winter term 2019/2020 starts in September 2019 and ends in February 2020.

The Philosophical faculty, University of Hradec Králové, cooperates with the following partners under the programme Erasmus+: International Credit mobility:

  • Armenia:
    • Yerevan State University (2018-2020 project)
  • Bolivia:
    • Universidad Mayor de San Simón (2016-2018 project)
    • Universidad Mayor, Real y Pontificia de San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca (2016-2018 project)
  • Brazil:
    • Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (2018-2020 project)
  • Cape Verde:
    • Universidade Jean Piaget de Cabo Verde (2017-2019 project)
  • Chile:
    • Universidad del Desarrollo (2017-2019 project)
  • Colombia:
    • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali (2017-2019 and 2018-2020 projects)
    • Universidad de Antioquia (2018-2020 project)
  • Ethiopia:
    • Addis Ababa University (2018-2020 project)
  • Ghana:
    • University of Ghana (2016-2018 and 2017-2019 projects)
  • Kenya:
    • University of Nairobi (2017-2019 and 2018-2020 projects)
  • Korea
    • Sangmyung University (2017-2019 project)
  • Mexico:
    • Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo (2018-2020 project)
  • Nicaragua:
    • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, León (2015-2017, 2016-2018, 2017-2019, 2018-2020 projects)
  • Nigeria:
    • Nile University of Nigeria (2017-2019 and 2018-2020 projects)
  • Peru:
    • Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (2017-2019 project)
    • Universidad Nacional de San Cristóbal de Huamanga (2017-2019 project)
The project focuses on mobilities of students from mentioned partner universities to University of Hradec Králové. Students are able to study abroad for one term for which credits are obtained. After the mobility phase, the students return to their sending institution to complete their studies. The Philosophical faculty of UHK offers the following study programs: Political Science (BA, MA, Ph.D.), Sociology (BA), Philosophy (BA, MA, Ph.D.), History and Archaeology (BA, MA, Ph.D.), Archival Science (BA, MA, Ph.D.), Central European Studies (MA), Social Work (BA, MA).

Notice: All the nominated students for winter term 2019/2020 are eligible to take part in Summer School of Philosophical Faculty. Please, find more information here.

You can find some interesting information about the life of our international students in Hradec Králové here:


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