Degree Programmes

FIM offers Bachelor´s (3 years), Master´s (2 years) and Doctoral (4 years) study programmes in the field of Information Management and Applied Informatics. The study programmes in Applied Informatics provides the grounding necessary for careers in computer systems (including both hardware and software aspects) and in applications of computers. The students learn mathematical foundations, get background in mathematical statistics, and learn deeper object modeling, programming techniques, design and implementation of information systems, computer systems and web technologies. The graduates  of these study programmes are prepared to deploy and administer the enterprise information system, to work with specialized software or to provide  IT consultancy and training.

If you are an applicant of FIM, you already speak good Czech and think you can study in the Czech language, you can also apply for the Czech entrance exam which is an obligatory part of the admission. Details and application form can be found here.


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