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Applied Informatics

The Bachelor´s degree study programme in Applied Informatics provides the grounding necessary for careers in computer systems (including both hardware and software aspects) and in sophisticated applications of computers. It also provides a substantial background for the follow-on Master´s degree programme.

The students learn mathematical foundations, get background in mathematical statistics, and learn deeper object modelling, programming techniques, design and implementation of information systems, computer systems and web technologies. Besides these “technical” disciplines, students learn basic knowledge of management and professional English.   Practical skills are stressed in all areas.  
The graduate from this programme will work in positions such as programmer, designer and administrator of information systems and computer networks, or web designer. The profile of applied informatics graduate is well suited for middle-level managerial positions in companies and enterprises, but the graduates have also enough knowledge to start their own business.

Information Management

The Bachelor’s degree study programme in Information Management has an interdisciplinary profile  – it combines the knowledge of informatics and information systems with the understanding of fundamental micro and macro-economic problems and with disciplines such as operations research or marketing.

The graduate of this study programme is prepared to deploy and administer enterprise information systems,  to work with specialized software or to provide  IT consultancy and training.

The graduate from this programme will work in positions as an analyst of business processes and information systems, application manager or assistant manager of the IT project. The graduates have  enough knowledge to start their own business  providing consultancy, training  or professional services in industries

The deadline for submitting application form is 31st March.

First step is to pay the application fee. The fee for application is 30 euros. This fee shall be paid to the university bank account number until 31.3. the latest.
Payment details:

Bank name: Ceska Sporitelna
Bank address:  Budejovicka 1912, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic
Account holder's name: University of Hradec Kralove
IBAN (International Bank Account No.): CZ65 0800 0000 0000 0273 3582
Variable symbol (if available): 6100
Please mention your whole name to the message for receiver so that we can link the payment with your name. Also once you have paid the fee,  send the confirmation of payment to this email -
The tuition fee for one academic year is 3 000 EUR.

Payment is due after you receive your acceptance letter and before the courses start. The deadline of the payment of the tuition fee is on 31.8. The applicant will not be registered to the first year of study before we receive the payment.
Registration to study is in September only with the valid nostrification (= recognition of the foreign diploma by the Czech educational system)
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