Doctoral programmes

Systems Engineering and Informatics and Applied Informatics
The main research topics are information systems design methodologies, advanced techniques in information and knowledge processing, ambient intelligence.
The graduate of the doctoral study in Information and knowledge management is a theoretically well-prepared professional  capable of conceptual thinking. He is able to analyse information and knowledge needs of organisations, design and manage the development of systems effectively supporting the company knowldege.
The graduate of the doctoral study in Applied Informatics is able to design and develop information, communication and knowledge technologies in different industries and businesses. Both are prepared to become research workers.

Entrance Requirements for the Candidate

The candidate has to be a Master’s degree graduate specialised in economics or informatics or another closely related field of study. In the field of informatics the candidate is required to design simple database applications, to have good knowledge of CASE tools, principles of programming, basic tools for decision making support, general knowledge of modern information and communication technologies, systems approaches and analysis.

In the field of economics the candidate is required to attain a university-level of understanding in macro- and micro-economics, enterprise economy and individual essential economic disciplines as well as the application of technical, programming and communication skills in management; ways of acquiring information from information sources. Also we demand active command of English and passive knowledge of one other foreign language.


The studies follow common Study and Examination Rules of the doctoral study programme. Specific organisational problems, which may occur, are discussed here in greater detail. The study programme is outlined in such a way that students of each of the two mentioned fields of study attend the compulsory common basics consisting of four subjects:

• selected questions on the theory of economics

• general systems theory

• statistical and mathematical methods in management

• information and knowledge systems

The student takes on at least two other subjects in addition to this common basic which are close to the chosen field of his or her studies.

Graduation Requirements

• 240 credits or more

• internship in a foreign country

• oral defence of the doctoral thesis

• passing the state doctoral exams

Study plans for the next academic year 2019/2020 will be available at the beginning of new academic year. The course choice will slightly differ from the current one. 

The deadline for submitting application form is 31st March.

First step is to pay the application fee. The fee for application is 30 euros. This fee shall be paid to the university bank account number until 31.3. the latest.
Payment details:

Bank name: Ceska Sporitelna
Bank address:  třída Karla IV. 1222/25a Střelecká, 500 02 Hradec Králové
Account holder's name: University of Hradec Kralove
IBAN (International Bank Account No.): CZ65 0800 0000 0000 0273 3582
Variable symbol (if available): 6100
Please mention your whole name to the message of receiver so that we can link the payment with your name.  Also once you have paid the fee,  send the confirmation of payment to this email -
The tuition fee for one academic year is 4 000 EUR. 

Payment is due after you receive your acceptance letter and before the courses start. The deadline of the payment of the tuition fee is on 31.8. The applicant will not be registered to the first year of study before we receive the payment.
Registration to study is in September only with the valid nostrification (= recognition of the foreign diploma by the Czech educational system) 

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