Institute of Modern Information Technologies (IMIT)

Institute of Modern Information Technologies (IMIT)
Our department (IMIT) focuses on modern information technologies. We actively seek these technologies, try to go deeper into them and explore them in all aspects. At the Faculty of Informatics and Management #FIMUHK we continue with testing, developing, innovating and introducing them into the lessons. This is one of the ways how to introduce them to our students.

We provide information analysis, consult and propose new effective solutions. We realize projects that connect Virtualization, Cloud and Big Data. 

Our institute serves as a centre for the integration of applied research and cooperation with practice. Foreign students come to us for educational stays, during which they gain knowledge, get experience with operating systems and skills, which they later transfer to their home faculties.

We also perform professional consulting services for faculty employees, students and cooperating organizations in terms of practical use of computer technology means.

We are IMIT! Come and share your passion for modern information technologies with us.

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