When I submit the registration for IT and Business Summer School does it mean I am accepted for this program?
Yes, after you have submitted your application you are accepted and enrolled. We will send you the confirmation shortly after the application deadline, which is on 31. 5. 2016.

Do you offer airport pick-up? If not, how can I go to the university?
Yes, we can arrange the airport pick up and we will inform you in advance about the details together with your enrolment confirmation.
In case you prefer to travel to Hradec Kralove by yourself, information here.

How far is the university from Prague?
The University of Hradec Kralove is approximately 100Km far from Prague (1,5 hour driving).

Can I use credit card?
You can use credit card or cash in The Czech Republic. As for the Summer school tuition fee, it is free of charge and you only pay for:
  • accommodation – on your arrival
  • catering
  • transport
  • additional social program (if you wish to participate)
Can you give me some details about the accommodation? What is the fee about living in dorm?
If you wish to know more about the University Halls of Residence, information here.

I have little knowledge on market or business. Do I have the opportunity to apply for this course?
You do not need to be specialized in business, individual modules are organized to be communicative and the goal is to gain insight into the subject. Of course you can apply.
Do we have any free time?
Yes, you are free after the lessons and there are two free weekends planned in the program. For free time see the detailed timetable of the Summer school program.
Which language will be used in the classes?
The official language is English, all lessons and all communication will be held in English only.


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