The department provides the instruction of obligatory courses of professional English, German and Russian in various combinations for the following degree programmes: Applied Informatics, Information Management and Financial Management.
Within the BA Tourism Management degree programme, the department provides instruction of language, literary and culture history, translation and interpreting. Students of this degree programme are invited to attend facultative courses of Spanish, Chinese and Russian.
As for the research activities, the area of the application of information technologies in foreign language instruction, particularly the development of e-learning courses, is the department´s main concern. More than 60 e-learning courses have already been developed, and the work on more programs is in progress, such as the project eLearning at the University of Hradec Králové that covers the development of multimedia educational back-ups for the support of students of combined and full-time form of study and for the support of student mobility. Since 2006 the department organizes an international conference Scientific Research and Teaching Foreign Languages.

Through IDV FIM the department also cooperates with Cambridge University on research in the field of ESOL testing.
In the year 2000 the department received the certification to administer internationally accepted exams (LCCI); the validity of the certification is being renewed repeatedly. Moreover, the department functions as the accredited centre for the City & Guilds international exams.

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