The Department of Information Technologies provides the students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the areas of projecting, creation, application and use of various types of information and knowledge technologies and tools.
In cooperation with the Department of Informatics and Quantitative Methods, within the BA degree programme the department provides the instruction of informatics courses. The academic staff of the department also teaches within the MEng degree programmes of the faculty, and within the PhD Systemic Engineering and Informatics degree programme.
Among the main research interests of the department are research and application of modern information and knowledge technologies primarily within management and various types of economic, social and industrial processes. Other research pursuits comprise knowledge an information technologies and systems, multi-agent systems and their application, knowledge management, environment intelligence, e-learning, decision support systems, computational intelligence methods and their application, and business informatics.
The department develops cooperation with Czech as well as foreign, mainly European and American universities and institutions.

Members of the department mainly deal with the following areas:
  • knowledge and information technology, systems approaches,
  • multi-agent system and their applications,
  • knowledge management,
  • ambient intelligence,
  • decision support systems,
  • computational intelligence methods and their applications,
  • optimization methods,
  • business informatics,
  • computer networks,
  • cloud solutions and virtualization,
  • operation systems,
  • theory of systems,
  • modeling and simulation.

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