The department offers the BA Sports Management degree programme and the BA Travel &Tourism Management degree programme. Students of Sports Management have excellent job prospects in management of sports and recreation activities as leaders, trainers, managers, lecturers and animators in private companies as well as in regional and state public administration. The aim of the Tourism degree programme is to prepare specialists in the middle level management that would find a wide range of employment in tourist agencies, tourism sections of public administration, information centres and other institutions. This degree programme also covers professional training of tour guides and delegates. Graduates of this degree have very good knowledge of two foreign languages.

The department participates in the organization of conferences and fairs focused on sports and tourism, such as the conference Good Practice in Sustainability of Tourism that is held regularly at the Faculty of Informatics and Management, the conference People on the Move, Cyklotour Fair, etc.

The department cooperates with similarly related departments of other Czech universities, and students interested in MA degree have therefore a wide range of opportunities as for where to pursue their studies after their graduation from the University of Hradec Králové.

From the very beginning of their studies, students are strongly encouraged to use their newly obtained knowledge in practice. The department cooperates with renowned Czech tourist agencies and with companies that offer sport and recreational activity services, and students spending certain period of their studies in these institutions are in touch both with the academic world and the world of practice. At the same time, experts from these companies are also invited to lecture on specialized topics at the department.

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