FIM welcomed its freshmen

    More than 300 new students attended the lecture „Welcome to FIM“ which was prepared by a team of students led by PhDr. Věra Strnadová, Ph.D.

    The aim of this traditional event is to help newcomers to get familiar with new university environment and to facilitate their entry to university by passing them important information and personal experience.   
    The lecture was opened by the welcome speech of the faculty management headed by prof. Hynek. They drew attention to some important facts regarding classes, answered most frequent students´ questions and mentioned other possibilities offered by the faculty, such as study or work trips abroad, not only to European countries and connections between studies and real working experience. 
    The attendants of the lecture were also familiarized with on-line portal First steps at FIM which is a practical manual for first year students.

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Last modified:  Palánová Věra, 4.10.2016 8:3