GMC Award for the best IT students was given

    6 most successful IT students spent the early evening of Thursday, 15 December in a friendly atmosphere of the firm GMC Software Technology, s.r.o., Hradec Králové.

    The firm GMC traditionally holds this session which is mutually beneficial. The best full-time IT students (most of them having achieved 1.0 grade point average) had the opportunity to meet with the company´s top managers who introduced their firm and the work of its key departments to the FIM guests including the dean prof. Hynek and the vice-dean doc. Poulová. They also expressed satisfaction with the standard of the graduates who already work for the company and therefore they are interested in employing more of them.        
    The students were then asked to present their most interesting assignments and say something about their future plans. Afterwards the firm awarded them with a valuable gift for their excellent study results.
    Jan Krunčík, Kateřina Frončková, Lenka Kutíková, Petra Henclová, Jana Hošková a Marek Čeloud.

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