15.10.2017 - 20.10.2017

    Lessons of Spanish language back at FIM UHK

    Teaching will be provided by the lecturer PhDr. Jitka Cvejnová (author of many renowned publications) in cooperation with a native speaker.

    Spanish language - paid course:
    o    opportunity to earn 2 credits per semester
    o    minimum number of students: 8
    o    extent: 20 lessons per semester /1X 90 minutes a week (start on Wednesday 25th October at 16:30, the classroom will be specified)
    o    price of the course:  2400Kč
    o    teacher: PhDr. Jitka Cvejnová + a native speaker

    If a student earns credits (it should include at least 80% attendance), he/she will be refunded ½ of course fee.
    Apply on line by 20.10.2017.

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