Our former student as a new generation Cambodian entrepreneur

    Sopheakmonkol Sok is a new generation Cambodian entrepreneur with a passion for social business and creating educational opportunities for progressive Cambodian youth. Currently, he is Co-Founder and CEO of tech venture, Codingate.

    With the core value that his company has been trying to create, his company was recognized as one of fast growth startup tech company in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
    He was a full-time student of the Bachelor’s degree program in the study field of Information Management at the Faculty of Informatics and Management from 2009. His excellent study results and interest in his studies proved, that he really appreciated the chance to study at our university. He graduated in 2012 and returned back to Cambodia, where he made his dream come true and started his own IT business.
    „I was 2012 graduation scholarship student from University of Hradec Kralove. I felt grateful for this study opportunity which allowed me to developed the international mindset, multicultural awareness and great knowledge in study area, Information Management. I felt that this experience abroad would be my turning point of the positive change in my life. 
    After my graduation, I returned to my home country, there were many opportunities opened for me. I had 3 jobs and lately I started a web development outsourcing company, Codingate. Currently, I am co-founder and CEO at Codingate.“ Says Sopheakmonkol Sok.

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