The new monograph is focused on the conceptual modelling in computational immunology

    Assistant professor dr. Martina Husáková is the author of the monograph Conceptual Modelling in Computational Immunology.

    The monograph appeared thanks to the financial support of the EU (ESF) project (CZ.1.07/2.3.00/30.0052) - Development of Research at the University of Hradec Králové with the participation of postdocs.
    Assistant professor dr. Martina Husáková is interested in the multi-agent systems, ontological engineering and computational biology at the Faculty of Informatics and Management.
    The main interest of the monograph stems from the long-term scientific specialisation of the author – computational immunology. The author succeeded in connecting the computational immunology with multi-agent systems and conceptual modelling. Main aim of the monograph is to introduce various conceptual languages and approaches focusing on the modelling of different biological phenomena. Author of the monograph mainly investigates the usefulness of the AML (Agent Modelling Language) for conceptualisation of particular immune processes.
    The book is published by Eva & Tomáš Bruckner Publishing (Řepín – Živonín) in Academic Series. It can be bought in the Amazon shop, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository or Wisepress.

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