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Department of Mathematics

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  • 04/01/2016 Mathematics Education Seminar
  • 24/03/2015 How to get here
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    doc. RNDr. PaedDr. Pavel Trojovský, Ph.D.Head of the Department of MathematicsPersonal page
    Barbora Vilímková, DiS.Administrative Assistant at the DepartmentPersonal page
    emerit. prof. Dmitry Alekseevskiy, DrSc.ProfessorPersonal page
    Yaroslav Bazaykin, DrSc.ResearcherPersonal page
    doc. Mgr. Dušan Bednařík, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorPersonal page
    Mgr. Veronika Borůvková AssistantPersonal page
    PhDr. Jana Cachová, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorPersonal page
    Mgr. Daniel Cameron Campbell, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorPersonal page
    Charalambos Evripidou, Dr.Associate professorPersonal page
    doc. Anton Galaev, DrSc.Associate ProfessorPersonal page
    Ing. Pavel HanušLektorPersonal page
    Ioannis Chrysikos, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorPersonal page
    Oleksii Kotov, Dr.ResearcherPersonal page
    Ing. Radko Kříž, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorPersonal page
    Mgr. Jitka Kühnová, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorPersonal page
    RNDr. Jitka Kühnová, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorPersonal page
    Curtis Wade PorterAssociate professorPersonal page
    doc. RNDr. Jaroslav Seibert, CSc. Associate ProfessorPersonal page
    Eivind SchneiderAssociate professorPersonal page
    doc. Zoran Škoda, DrSc.Associate ProfessorPersonal page
    Ing. Mgr. Eva Trojovská AssistantPersonal page
    Mgr. Lukáš Vízek, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorPersonal page
    Mgr. Tomáš Zuščák, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorPersonal page