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    Meeting of Project Mascil in Hradec Kralove

    In Hradec Kralove in mid-June brought together investigators of the international project of the 7th Framework Programme of the EU MaSciL (Mathematics and Science in Life).

    Didacticians of mathematics and science subjects from 17 universities from 13 countries of the European Union and Turkey to continue on its penultimate meeting in expert discussions on the implementation of inquiry-based learning (IBL) and links with the world of work (WoW) in education and training (see Web project on the link: Organizers of the event was the Czech team project MaSciL from the Faculty of Science UHK led by prof. Martin Bilek and facilities for meetings, lodging and meals for all participants provided with excellent quality EA Hotel Tereziansky Dvur. The project Mascil entered negotiations in Hradec Kralove in the last six months of its solutions and one of the main topics was the preparation of the final conference to be held in Freiburg, Germany on 7 to 8 November 2016. Details about the conference, including invitations to participate can be found at link:

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