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    Spring School of Differential Geometry and Topology

    The Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Science of the University of Hradec Králové, headed by a group of scientists focusing on the area of ​​differential geometry and topology, organized the International Spring School for students and academics from 1st to 30th May 2018.

    "Our group is focusing in research in the field of differential geometry and topology, and because most of us do not come originally from the Czech Republic, we have used our foreign contacts and managed to organize this school in the framework of international mobility to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and debate of this area among colleagues and students from different countries, " states doc. Anton Galaev, the head organizer of the school.
    Both differential geometry and topology represent a significant part of contemporary mathematics and may have different applications. Although it may appear to be a very theoretical part of mathematics, its application may also be very practical: "Our intention was, among other things, to show that this branch of mathematics has its practical application, for example in the process of human sight or in the process of oil extraction," continues doc. Galaev. Program of the school contains lectures with topics such as Introduction to Neurogeometry, Introduction to Computational and Applied Topology ad.
    The program included not only lectures but also student seminars where each student presented his work and shared and discussed the findings of his research. "Such international school offers to young scientists a unique opportunity to practice their English, to make contacts and to extend their knowledge, which might help them in their following research," concludes doc. Galaev.
    The school was a part of the UHK's international mobility program. Nearly thirty foreign students from institutions such as Moscow University of Economics, Zagreb University, Greifswald University, and the Moscow Physical and Technical Institute attended and we also welcomed a lot of foreign lecturers such as Nina Zhukova (Moscow University of Economics), Dmitri Oskorbin (Altay State University), Maxim Grigoriev (Moscow Physical and Technical Institute). The guests of the school were also prof. Jan Slovák (Masaryk University), Hong Van Le or Alexander Zuevsky (ASCR).


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