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About the Faculty

The Faculty was established on 1st September 2010, consisting of five Departments - Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics and Mathematics, including three undergraduate courses, one postgraduate course and the total of  271 students.
Since the start we have managed to increase the number of accredited study programs at seventeen, out of which there are two doctoral programs, six master´s and nine bachelor´s degree  programs. Besides these new and successful accreditation procedures, we have also managed to gain our first inaugural law in the field of  Theory of Education in Physics.
 Today there are about eight hundred students studying at the Faculty.  Likewise other faculties of science, the Faculty of Science UHK offers  traditional courses including Systematic Biology and Ecology, Applied Biology, Physical Measurements and Modeling, Chemistry, and specializations for future techers at secondary schools of  all other departments of UHK. In addition to the mentioned  courses we are proud to offer  also one less typical field of study- Financial and Insurance Mathematics.
Our faculty also provides and covers  teaching undergraduates of the Faculty of Education UHK -  science disciplines and mathematics in specializations for future teachers at elementary schools – the first stage,  and then science specializations for future teachers at elementary schools – the second stage.
Science education  should go  hand in hand with science research, and so do we at our Faculty – we have set up many scientific challenges in both basic and applied research. As the result we can already boast a number of achievements. To name some of them: we have participated in projects of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, we have won the first project of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, the project of the Czech -Polish Mutual Cooperation - KONTAKT II and 7th Framework Program of the EU.
Within the projects of the specific research at the Faculty and thanks to the cooperation with our gifted students we have got a lot of publication achievements and even achievements in applied research in the form of patents.
Thanks to the institutional support for the  research and development in the Czech Republic we have  created  a Program for Long -Term Development of Major Research Directions at the Faculty of Science UHK, that  is to provide  financial support to interesting and extraordinary  research projects.
Outside the scientific grants, the Faculty also draws finances to innovate its fields of study and its operation from the Structural Funds of the EU.
Much attention is also paid to faculty collaboration and work experience with  both  private sector and a number of partner universities, secondary and elementary schools.
We are glad to have founded the Council for Cooperation with Practise and to have developed a close cooperation with managers of companies and private sector as our graduates´ future employers, with the help of which we can gain information from the labor market and react responsibly and efficiently on the topical situation on the market.
The increasing technical cooperation with companies such as Linet and EL - LA CS or the Health Institute of Hradec  Králové  also belongs to our successes on the way to a better interconnection with the private sector.
I must not neglect to mention a very significant cooperation in the EU project – The Centre for the Biomedical Technology Transfer,  together with the  Hospital of  Hradec Králové and the Faculty of Military Health Sciences of the  University of  Defence as our co-researchers.
A further development of international mobility of our students and teachers and finding new  international partners, both from the European Union and non-European countries belong to our major areas of interest.
Our intention to  increase our basic and applied research is subject to the inception of new   laboratories equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation. Regarding the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic that has approved to finance the construction of a new faculty building, we are looking forward to its initialization in spring 2014, and teaching and working in this new building from September 2015.
The Faculty of Science UHK  does not have a long history, but the more ambitious, dynamic and vital the Faculty is and hopes to fulfill successfully its  professional, educational, scientific and regional role.


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