Recognition of Certificates and Diplomas

Graduates of Bachelor’s, Master’s degree programmes and/or doctoral degree programme graduates from foreign universities wishing to obtain recognition of their foreign diploma are required to submit a written application along with other documents to the Rector’s Office of a public university, in this case the University of Hradec Králové.

Legislations Governing the Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications

* Act. No. 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions and on Amendment to Other Acts, as amended – § 89, § 90, § 106
* Act No. 500/2004 Coll. on Administrative Procedure
* International Agreements on the recognition of documents on education
* International Agreements on the authentication of public documents

Recognition of Education Obtained in the Slovak Republic

In accordance with an agreement concluded between the governments of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic on mutual recognition of educational documents issued in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic (Prague, 23 March 2001, No. 33/2001 Coll. of International Treaties), the Czech Republic will automatically (i.e. with no further action) consider all higher education diplomas issued in the Slovak Republic in the period from 1 January 1993 to 22 March 2001 as equivalent to higher education diplomas awarded during this period of time in the Czech Republic.
Given the similarity of both higher education systems and the fact that both countries remain in close contact – in terms of education as well as in other areas – the same guidelines apply to diplomas issued even after 22 March 2001. Moreover, Czech universities and employers generally recognize documents issued by Slovak universities automatically, i.e. with no certificate of equivalence required.
Document holders may, however, submit Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications application (if so required by a university or employer) to a public university in the Czech Republic implementing a similar curriculum. In such cases, the procedure indicated in the general information section on the recognition of foreign higher education remains fully valid. Due to the similarity of the two languages, no official translation into Czech is required.

Please, download the application form attached below and fill it in.

The application must include:

• Name and surname of the foreign university graduate
• Date of birth
• Permanent address
• Postal address (if different from the home address)
• Name and address of the foreign university
• Name of the study program and field of study
• Date of commencement and completion of studies
• Filing date and signature of the foreign university graduate (Certified written power of attorney, if submitted by a person other than the graduate)
• Purpose for which the applicant requests the recognition

Mandatory annexes:

• Legally attested copy of a Diploma or similar proof of completion of studies issued by a foreign university
• Legally attested copy of a Diploma Supplement or copy of a list of completed courses
• Certified translations of both documents into Czech or English (documents issued in English are exempt from this clause)
• Certified written power of attorney, if submitted by a person other than the graduate

The requests for recognition are subject to payment:
If the request for recognition of foreign university education and qualification is submitted to a public university, the public university collects the flat fee of CZK 3,000 related to the request. The fee is to be paid to the university bank account.

Bank Account Transfer Details for UHK:
1. Bank connection: Ceska Sporitelna HK
2. IBAN: CZ 65 0800 0000 0000 0273 3582, BIC (SWIFT) code: GIBACZPX
3. Write Your Name and Surname stated in your passport in „the note for recipient“ when paying the fee.

Please make sure that the full payment of CZK 3,000 posted to the bank account of the university (any bank fees are due by the applicant).

For more information, contact:

• Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Department of universities, Karmelitská 7, Praha 1, 118 12,
• Centre for recognition of education – Centre of Higher Education Studies, U Lužického semináře 13, Praha 1, 118 00,

• Detailed information on the recognition of foreign higher education at the University of Hradec Králové provides Ing. Kateřina Křikavová

List of countries and institutions able to verify signatures and stamps on original educational documents:

Afghanistan MŠMT B
Albania VVŠ B
Algeria VVŠ B
American Samoa VVŠ A
Andorra VVŠ A
Angola VVŠ A
Anguilla VVŠ A
Antarctica VVŠ L
Antigua and Barbuda VVŠ A
Argentina VVŠ A
Armenia VVŠ A
Aruba VVŠ A
Australia VVŠ A
Austria VVŠ B
Azerbaijan VVŠ A
Bahamas VVŠ A
Bahrain VVŠ L
Bangladesh VVŠ L
Barbados VVŠ A
Belgium VVŠ B
Belarus VVŠ B
Belize VVŠ A
Benin VVŠ L
Bermuda VVŠ A
Bhutan VVŠ L
Bolivia VVŠ L
Bosnia and Herzegovina MŠMT B
Botswana VVŠ A
Bouvet Island VVŠ L
British Indian Ocean Territory VVŠ L
British Solomon Islands VVŠ A
British Virgin Islands VVŠ A
Brunei Darussalam VVŠ A
Bulgaria MŠMT B
Burkina Faso VVŠ L
Burundi VVŠ L
Cambodia VVŠ L
Cameroon VVŠ L
Canada VVŠ L
Cape Verde VVŠ L
Cayman Islands VVŠ A
Central African Republic VVŠ L
Ceuta VVŠ L
Chad VVŠ L
Christmas Island VVŠ L
Chile VVŠ L
China VVŠ A
Cocos Islands VVŠ L
Colombia VVŠ A
Comoros Islands VVŠ A
Congo VVŠ L
Cook Islands VVŠ A
Costa Rica VVŠ L
Crete VVŠ L
Croatia VVŠ B
Cuba VVŠ B
Cyprus VVŠ B
Democratic People's Republic of Korea VVŠ B
Democratic Republic of the Congo VVŠ L
Denmark VVŠ L
Djibouti VVŠ L
Dominican Republic VVŠ A
East Timor VVŠ L
Ecuador VVŠ A
Egypt VVŠ L
Equatorial Guinea VVŠ L
Eritrea VVŠ L
Estonia VVŠ A
Ethiopia VVŠ L
Falklands VVŠ A
Faroe Islands VVŠ L
Fiji VVŠ A
Finland VVŠ A
France VVŠ B
French Polynesia VVŠ A
French Southern Territories VVŠ L
French territory Affars and Issas VVŠ A
Gabon VVŠ L
Gambia VVŠ L
Georgia MŠMT L
Germany VVŠ A
Ghana VVŠ L
Gibraltar VVŠ A
Great Britain VVŠ A
Greece VVŠ B
Greenland VVŠ L
Grenada VVŠ A
Guadalupe VVŠ A
Guam VVŠ A
Guatemala VVŠ L
Guinea VVŠ L
Guinea-Bissau VVŠ L
Guyana VVŠ A
Haiti VVŠ L
Heard Island and MacDonald Island VVŠ L
Honduras VVŠ A
Hong Kong VVŠ L
Hungary VVŠ B
Iceland VVŠ A
India VVŠ A
Indonesia VVŠ L
Iran VVŠ L
Iraq VVŠ L
Ireland VVŠ A
Isle of Man VVŠ A
Israel VVŠ A
Italy VVŠ A
Ivory Coast VVŠ L
Jamaica VVŠ L
Japan VVŠ A
Jordan VVŠ L
Kazakhstan VVŠ A
Kenya VVŠ L
Kiribati VVŠ L
Korea VVŠ L
Kuwait VVŠ L
Kyrgyzstan VVŠ L
Laos VVŠ L
Latvia VVŠ A
Lebanon VVŠ L
Lesotho VVŠ A
Liberia VVŠ A
Libya VVŠ L
Lichtenstein VVŠ A
Lithuania VVŠ A
Luxembourg VVŠ A
Macao VVŠ L
Madagascar VVŠ L
Macedonia VVŠ B
Malawi VVŠ A
Maldives VVŠ L
Malaysia VVŠ L
Mali VVŠ L
Malta VVŠ A
Marshall Islands VVŠ A
Martinique VVŠ A
Mauritius VVŠ A
Mauritania VVŠ L
Mayotte VVŠ L
Melilla VVŠ L
Mexico VVŠ A
Micronesia VVŠ L
Moldova MŠMT L
Monaco VVŠ A
Mongolia VVŠ B
Montserrat VVŠ A
Morocco VVŠ L
Mozambique VVŠ A
Myanmar VVŠ L
Namibia VVŠ A
Nauru VVŠ L
Nepal VVŠ L
Netherland VVŠ A
Netherlands Antilles VVŠ A
New Caledonia VVŠ A
New Zealand VVŠ A
Nicaragua VVŠ L
Niger VVŠ L
Nigeria VVŠ L
Niue VVŠ A
Norfolk VVŠ L
Northern Mariana Islands VVŠ A
Norway VVŠ A
Oman VVŠ L
Pakistan VVŠ L
Palau VVŠ L
Panama VVŠ A
Papua New Guinea VVŠ L
Paraguay VVŠ L
Peru VVŠ L
Philippines VVŠ L
Pitcairn Islands VVŠ L
Poland VVŠ B
Portugal VVŠ A
Puerto Rico VVŠ A
Qatar VVŠ L
Republic of South Africa VVŠ A
Reunion VVŠ A
Romania VVŠ B
Russian Federation VVŠ B
Rwanda VVŠ L
Salvador VVŠ A
Samoa VVŠ A
San Marino VVŠ A
Saudi Arabia VVŠ L
Senegal VVŠ L
Serbia and Montenegro VVŠ B
Seychelles VVŠ A
Sierra Leone VVŠ L
Singapore VVŠ L
Slovenia VVŠ B
Solomon Islands VVŠ L
Somalia VVŠ L
South Georgia VVŠ L

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Spain VVŠ B
Sri Lanka VVŠ L
St. Helena VVŠ A
St. Kitts and Nevis VVŠ A
St. Lucia VVŠ A
St. Pierre and Miquelon VVŠ A
St. Thomas VVŠ L
St. Vincent and the Grenadines VVŠ A
Sudan VVŠ L
Suriname VVŠ A
Swaziland VVŠ A
Sweden VVŠ A
Switzerland VVŠ B
Syria VVŠ B
Taiwan VVŠ L
Tajikistan MŠMT L
Tanzania VVŠ L
Thailand VVŠ L
Togo VVŠ L
Tokelau VVŠ L
Tonga VVŠ A
Trinidad and Tobago VVŠ A
Tunisia VVŠ L
Turkey VVŠ A
Turkmenistan MŠMT L
Turks and Caicos VVŠ L
Tuvalu VVŠ L
Uganda VVŠ L
Ukraine VVŠ B
United Arab Emirates VVŠ L
US Minor Outlying Islands VVŠ L
US Virgin Islands VVŠ A
Uruguay VVŠ L
Uzbekistan VVŠ L
Vanuatu VVŠ L
Vatican VVŠ L
Venezuela VVŠ A
Vietnam VVŠ B
Wallis and Futuna VVŠ A
Yemen VVŠ B
Zambia VVŠ L
Zimbabwe VVŠ L


• MŠMT – the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports acting as the first stage of the recognition (§ 89 par. 1 letter a) of the Higher Education Act)
• VVŠ – a public university acting as the first stage of the recognition (§ 89 para. 1 letter b) of the Higher Education Act)
• A – verification of a diploma by the Apostila under the Hague Convention
• B – enable to present official documents (diplomas and other education documents) issued in a contracting state without other certifying
• L – the authenticity of signatures and stamps on document originals is verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the state of the university that has issued the diploma, under § 90 par. 3 of the Higher Education Act
Recognition of higher education diplomas regarding military-related education is entitled to make the Ministry of Defence, in the area of security forces the Ministry of the Interior.

Application form for recognition of foreign study


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