Student´s club Salaš

For more than ten years the student’s club Salaš (translated as Chalet or more aptly the Shepherd’s hut) provides space for interesting meetings and leisure activities for all university students in the city of Hradec Králové.

The range of activities varies from diverse sport activities through trips around the country, organising meetings for young people, to community prayer, either during the academic year and the school holidays. The club has its clubroom and a cosy tearoom in the Nové Adalbertinum (the New Adalbertinum) historical building right in the city centre.

The main event of the Salašnický týden (the Shepherd’s week) takes place on Wednesday evening, starting at half past seven with mass in the church of St Mary (kostel Panny Marie) at the Great Square, and continues with various programs and activities, such as concerts, theatre performances, shared dinner made of traditional Czech or Mexican meals or lectures and discussions with interesting guests. Among our traditional guests belong, for example, renowned and respected thinkers, priests Tomáš Halík and Václav Malý.

Since 2010, the student club is a member of the national University Catholic Movement and cooperates closely with the Academic Spiritual Service in Hradec Králové diocese. Although the club is oriented through its activities primarily on students who believe in the Risen Christ in the communion of the Catholic Church, it is open to all other Christian Churches, and also for all those who seek and are interested in spiritual life and activities organized by the club.

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