Getting to Hradec Králové

If you will arrive to Prague at Václav Havel Airport and require a train or bus service to Hradec Králové, you will need to get into the city centre first. There are regular public bus services, private mini-bus services or you can use a taxi. The last two options might be considerably more expensive than the reliable public service operating in short intervals. For more handy information visit this page please. Once in the city centre, you can use bus services from the main bus station Florenc or the one at Černý Most, or train service from the main railway station Hlavní nádraží.

There are regular bus as well as a train connections between Prague and Hradec Králové.  The bus service is perhaps more convenient way of getting to Hradec Králové as the journey takes about two hours and requires no changes on the way. Some trains are direct, some require a change in Pardubice.

For more information how to get from the Airport to Hradec Králové by train please see a guidebook created by ESN Buddy System HK.

For students who prefer to travel by car there is a very good road network and you will have no problems to reach Hradec Králové from any border crossing point. However, car owners should realise that in Czech Republic are the highways paid and parking in some places, especially city centres, might be a problem.

At Hradec Králové

The bus and railway station in Hradec Králové are located at the same area (max. 5 minutes by foot) from where you can use public buses or taxi to get to university Halls of Residence or directly to your chosen accommodation. The terminal of public transportation is part of the main bus station.

Using the public transport in Hradec Králové is very convenient. The public transport network covers the whole town and the fare is rather on the cheap side. The best way how to pay the fare in the public transport is by using the City Card that you can apply for after your arrival. If you want to check departure times of public transport, use this link please.

Hradec Králové is nicknamed as a Paradise for cyclist, therefore many students prefer to use their bicycles to move around. It is advised to get some second-hand bike and a good wheel lock.

Finally you can always walk around the city. Thanks to its circle planning and relatively small size, it is easy to get almost anywhere on foot.


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