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The SSIS is supported by the Norway grants and almost all the costs are covered by the grant.


The SSIS is supported by the Norway grants and almost all the costs are covered by the grant:

  • Travel costs from Oslo Airport or Trondheim Airport to Hradec Kralove in Czech Republic and back
  • Accommodation in Hradec Kralove
  • Full-board (3 meals per day)
  • Excursions travel costs (four excursions organized by University of HK on Fridays)

The only costs students will need to cover themselves are following:

  • Travel costs from their hometown to Oslo Airport or Trondheim Airport and back
  • Excursions organized by UHK: entrance fees (1 excursion cca 10 EUR).
  • Free time activities (evenings, weekends, buddy system activities) - the high of these costs depends on the students themselves.

Accommodation - free of charge

Students will be accommodated in a dormitory in Hradec Kralove.


It is a block of flats with entrances marked A-G. There are seven floors in each entrance and three two-room flats at each floor.

Students usually share a room with one or two students, according to the size of a flat, but maximum number of students in one flat is six. Kitchen and sanitary facilities are shared for each flat. There is a fridge with a freezer and an electric stove of two hotplates in the kitchen, but it is not equipped with kitchenware. Each student is provided with a desk, a bed with a pillow, a duvet and bed linen.


Palachovy koleje UHK (your entrance/flat)


Palachova 1129, Hradec Králové 


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