The University of Hradec Králové has achieved a significan success in the field of sustainability

    We can now call the UHK a "green" university based on a recent international sustainability ranking, which is being put together from 2010 by the most prestigious university in Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia. The University of Hradec Králové has participated in the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking for the second time and it managed to succeed in the tough competition of hundreds of universities from all over the world.

    "In the year 2018, 719 of the world's universities participated in the sustainability ranking. We, in comparison with the previous year, got up the ladder to the 350. spot. Among Czech universities we even ended in the second position," evaluates the Vice-Rector for International Affairs UHK, Zdeněk Beran.
    The goal of UI GreenMetric World University Ranking is to offer the universities a comparison of their efforts in lowering the ecological trails and of their improvement of the environment with other universities in the world. The points scale ranking is based on a questionnaire, which is being filled in and sent to the Indonesian agency by more and more universities every year. Some of the factors entering the assessment are efficient energy usage divided by total campus population, programs to reduce the amount of paper and plastic waste, recycling programs or toxic waste treatment.
    "We share the need to fight the human share on climate change, to preserve the biological diversity of our planet and the need to use non-destructive energy sources everywhere possible with all the participating institutions," concludes the UHK's rector, Kamil Kuča.

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Last modified:  Strnad Matyáš, 11.1.2019 15:4