University of Hradec Králové is looking for new postdocs!

    University of Hradec Králové (UHK) announces a competition for postdoctoral positions with the aim to expand its current scientific and research teams and to extend the university research scope with new teams. The deadline for application is 15th March 2018. Do not hesitate to become a part of a research team at a young and dynamic university in the heart of Europe and the Czech Republic!

    The applicant must have completed a Ph.D study at another university in the Czech Republic (excluding doctoral studies at UHK) or have achieved a comparable degree at a foreign university (at most 7 years after completion of doctoral studies). A very good knowledge of English is required as well as preceding publication and research activity (i.e. at least three notable publications) in the pertaining field. Accord of the applicant’s research activity with the prospective area of research at a faculty of UHK is expected.

    It is possible to apply in written form until 15th March 2018. The required attachments are structured CV, plan of research and related activity at the selected faculty, list of all scientific achievements of the applicant, and certified copies of documents on educational attainments. The applications are to be submitted electronically (a Word document) and by post in a single copy signed by the applicant to Bc. Edita Čudová (edita.cudova@uhk.cz, Department of Projects of UHK, Rokitanského 62, 500 03 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic).

    Further information about research activity at individual faculties of UHK can be found at the following links:
    Faculty of Informatics and Management of UHK – prof. Ing. Ondřej Krejcar, Ph.D., Vice-Dean for Science and Research (ondrej.krejcar@uhk.cz)
    Philosophical Faculty of UHK – Mgr. Ladislav Koreň, Ph.D., Vice-Dean for Science and Research (ladislav.koren@uhk.cz)
    Faculty of Education of UHK – PhDr. Nella Mlsová, Ph.D., Vice-Dean for Science, Research, and Art (nella.mlsova@uhk.cz)
    Faculty of Science of UHK – doc. RNDr. Štěpán Hubálovský, Ph.D., Vice-Dean for Science and Research (stepan.hubalovsky@uhk.cz)
    More information on the position can be found here:

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