Building E

Víta Nejedlého 573, Hradec Králové

opening hours
monday - friday: 6.00 - 22.00

reception desk: +420 493 331 501, +420 495 543 900
caretaker: +420 493 331 543

Building E is located eastward from the Second Municipal Circuit of Hradec Králové. When coming by car, park your vehicle in the car park in front of the building. When coming by public transport, get off at Tesla bus stop (lines 5, 11 and 25) and turn left having passed the patrol station.

GPS coordinates 50°12'39.547"N,15°50'59.314"E

•Technical Service Department
•Department of Languages (FA)
•Department of English Language and Literature (FE)
•Section of French Language and Literature (FE)
•Institute of Further Education


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