International Relations

The University of Hradec Králové realizes the importance of international contacts, and the development and maintenance of connections with foreign academic institutions is one of the University’s priorities. Contracts signed with many foreign universities permit the mobility and cooperation of students and academic staff. The University is involved in numerous international programmes that focus on education as well as research and development; it participates in CEEPUS or programmes funded by the European Union, such as the Erasmus+ Programme. Apart from the countries of the European Union, students are also invited to spend a segment of their studies in Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Thai-wan, and in the countries of Latin America and Africa.

Moreover, Hradec Králové itself is an international meeting point. Foreign students coming from all over the world create an inspiring multicultural atmosphere. Czech students and their colleagues from both near and distant foreign countries meet at lectures and seminars and in their free time, and thus benefit from the countless advantages of intercultural encounters: international contacts broaden the students’ horizons, they facilitate perception and understanding of both similarities and differences between cultures, and they offer a unique opportunity of foreign language skills improvement.

The map of partner universities

The map of partner universities displays all inter-university agreements signed by the University of Hradec Králové. Students as well as employees enjoy a broad selection of mobility programs. If you are interested in studying at our university as an exchange student and want to know more about the conditions, application deadlines or scholarship programs, please contact the international offices at the relevant faculty. If you want to know more about studying a full-degree program in English at the university of Hradec Kralove, please contact

Faculty Contact person E-mail Phone
Faculty of Education Petra Nosková (+420) 493331141
Faculty of Informatics and Management Kristýna Jandová (+420) 493332210
Philosophical Faculty Markéta Machačová
(Erasmus+ mobilities for study) (+420) 493331218
Philosophical Faculty Martina Eliášová
(Erasmus+ traineeships, non-Erasmus mobilities) (+420) 493331212
Faculty of Science Pavla Holubová (+420) 493332817

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